Take Control of 1Password

When I recently recommended 1Password, I mentioned a few of its features but there is so much more to the app than I could possibly cover here. That’s why you should pick up a copy of TidBITS senior editor Joe … (More)

Perfect Coffee at Home

Perfect Coffee at Home, written by former U.S. Marines Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez and available only on the iBookstore for iPad, is all about the joys and methods of brewing an awesome cup—you guessed it—at home. They explain all … (More)

Learning to Love Evernote 2.0

Our friend Bradley Chambers updated his iBook and screencast series, Learning to Love Evernote, to version 2.0 today. He has re-recorded every video with new tips, tricks, and workflows to account for updated editions of the Evernote iOS apps. It’s … (More)

‘The Way to Go’ by Kate Ascher

If you’re the kind of person that likes to know how the infrastructure all around you works, then you’re gonna love Kate Ascher’s books. In 2007′s The Works: Anatomy of a City, she showed us the myriad factors that keep … (More)

‘On Writing Well’ by William Zinsser

William Zinsser’s On Writing Well—much like The Elements of Style and Stephen King’s On Writing—is one of those books that gets recommended to all writers sooner or later. And for good reason. Zinsser has been in the writing business a … (More)

‘Creativity, Inc.’ by Ed Catmull

Ed Catmull, alongside Steve Jobs and John Lasseter, co-founded Pixar Animation Studios. In fact, he played a key role in developing the rendering system used in several of their films and by the wider film industry. And now, he has … (More)

Field Notes — ‘Shelterwood’ Edition

The guys at Field Notes have done it again with the latest in their COLORS lineup, the cover of which is actually made of wood. It’s called the Shelterwood Edition. As you can watch in their behind-the-scenes video, they’ve very … (More)

Bookshelf Masking Tape

The next time you plan on packing some boxes, you might consider using this neat bookshelf masking tape. Made by Etsy shop LightLife, this tape will add a (dare I say) bookish flair to your stuff. Dimensions are 20mm x … (More)

‘Fortunately, the Milk’ by Neil Gaiman

Fortunately, the Milk is a children’s book written by Neil Gaiman—and illustrated by one of my favorite comic artists, Skottie Young—that tells the tale of a father who goes out to buy some milk and returns with a wild story … (More)

A Visual History of the LEGO Minifigure

If you’re an avid LEGO “minifig” collector, if you recently developed an interest after seeing The LEGO Movie, or if you’re just a kid who never grew up, then you’ll definitely want to check out LEGO Minifigure Year by Year: … (More)

‘Flight’ Graphic Novel Series

Those of you already familiar with the world of graphic novels likely need no introduction to the excellent Flight series, but it’s a great place for newbies old and young alike to dive in. Each volume in the series is … (More)

Opening Lines of Notable Novels — Print

Here’s one for the book nerds out there. This upcoming print, titled A Diagrammatical Dissertation on Opening Lines of Notable Novels, is exactly what it sounds like: a diagram of opening lines in famous books. Examples include: Fahrenheit 451, Moby … (More)

Dispatch from Disneyland: Stories and Essays from the Happiest Place on Earth

John Frost—who runs and whose father was one of the original “Imagineers” that had a hand in the construction of Disneyland—has written a book full of essays that make you feel like you’re right there at the park. A … (More)

‘Some Thoughts About Writing’ by Patrick Rhone

My friend Patrick Rhone has just released another one of his “living guide” eBooks, this one titled Some Thoughts About Writing. In it, he discusses what it takes to be a successful, professional writer, and provides some excellent tips along … (More)

Naoto Fukasawa

Certain industrial designers, such as Dieter Rams and Jony Ive, get a lot of attention within our community—and rightfully so—but one guy who maybe doesnt get talked about as much he deserves is Naoto Fukasawa. Some readers may recall this … (More)

‘On Writing’ by Stephen King

Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft is one of those books that I’ve always heard about from other writers, but I didn’t get around to reading it until very recently. I wish I’d gotten around to it … (More)

Field Notes – ‘Cold Horizon’ Edition

The latest edition of the Field Notes COLORS lineup is here just in time for the holidays, and it’s called “Cold Horizon”. With glossy blue covers whose colors blend into one another across the set when they’re arranged side-by-side, these … (More)

‘Jony Ive’ by Leander Kahney

Released just this morning, Jony Ive by Leander Kahney (editor of the Cult of Mac blog) explores the meteoric rise of Apple’s famous product designer, Sir Ive himself. We’re really looking forward to reading this. While this is not a … (More)

The MacSparky Email Field Guide

David Sparks is a legend among men. In addition to being an attorney, half of Mac Power Users and blogger, he has written several great ebooks. His most recent — released last night — is a beast. At 300 pages with nearly … (More)

The App Design Handbook, iOS 7 Edition

Written by Nathan Barry and Jeremy Olson, The App Design Handbook is an eBook package that guides app makers through the process of designing their apps for iOS 7. With 126 pages of great information, video interviews with nearly a … (More)

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