The Toblerone Cookbook: 40 Fabulous Baking Treats

Somehow I missed the fact that during lockdown in 2020, a time when everyone was suddenly taking up a baking hobby and everything was a bit weird besides, a cookbook was published that specifically focused on baking desserts with Toblerone chocolate bars.

That’s right, The Toblerone Cookbook features 40 foolproof recipes that make use of different varieties of that iconic triangular Swiss-made candy bar β€” milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and fruit & nut β€” to create delectable treats like chocolate truffles, various cheesecakes, brownies, chocolate fudge mug cake, Rocky Road, and more.

Is it a candy advertisement disguised as a strangely niche cookbook? Maybe. Would I eat every single dessert printed in it? You betcha.

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