‘The New Art of Coffee’ by Ryan Castelaz

Looking for a new addition to your collection of coffee books (not to be necessarily confused with coffee table books)? Or have you been needing some fun ways to spice up your coffee-making routine? Then you should check out The New Art of Coffee: From Morning Cup to Caffeine Cocktail.


Written by Ryan Castelaz, owner and creative director of Discourse Coffee Workshop — and with fantastic photography by Kevin J. MiyazakiThe New Art of Coffee offers dozens of imaginative recipes for coffee concoctions that would make Willy Wonka proud if he were into mixology instead of candy.


From the book description:

While the popularity of craft cocktails and home bartending have helped people create their own drink-driven memories, the possibilities for coffee have remained rather tame. Much more than a guide to beans or brewing, The New Art of Coffee shares how to create inspiring concoctions and flavor profiles from comforting and rejuvenating to celebratory and adventurous.

Nearly fifty recipes paired with beautiful photography will inspire and offer something for every taste and time of day—hot, iced, carbonated, post-workout, decaffeinated, alcoholic, and deconstructed. Organized by mood, the recipes range in complexity from a quick quaff to a showstopping slow build, allowing readers to match the drink with the moment.

Enjoy a Moonwater with breakfast, a Throw Em’ A Haymaker after a hard workout, or an Amuse as a happy-hour delight. The Don is the ideal after-dinner companion, and there’s nothing quite like powering down with a Windmill Cookie Steamer after a long day.


You’ll come away from this coffee cocktail book with an entirely different view on what coffee can be. WIth this and The Food Lab on your shelf, you will have all the tools needed to make your kitchen a place of mad science — a sanctum of caffeine-induced wizardry where words like “boring” and “limited” are NEVER uttered.


Get the 208-page hardcover edition for $28 on Amazon. As of this writing (December 17th, 2023) I don’t believe there are Kindle or Apple Books editions available.