“Murder Most Puzzling” Interactive Mystery Book by Stephanie von Reiswitz

These days, having a way to entertain yourself in quiet moments without a screen in front of your face is a blessing. In a world inundated with digital distractions, finding solace in the pages of a good book offers a refreshing escape.

Stephanie von Reiswitz’s Murder Most Puzzling provides just that — an intriguing murder mystery that not only engages your mind but also encourages you to put your problem-solving skills to the test.


This elegantly illustrated yet darkly humorous book combines traditional whodunit storytelling with logic puzzles, presenting you with a series of twenty different murder mysteries to solve, all set in the early twentieth century.

It’s all very Agatha Christie, except now you’re the one who gets to do the sleuthing!


From the book’s description:

A body in the topiary garden, a death at a clairvoyants’ convention, and the mysterious accident at the boating lake—prepare for a whirlwind adventure, laced with humor and a dash of the macabre!

Murder Most Puzzling is a gorgeous and witty book that invites readers to solve 20 puzzling murder mysteries. Cast as the faithful sidekick to amateur sleuth Medea Thorne, you will meet a cast of colorful characters, from ghost hunter extraordinaire Augustin Artaud to Leonard Fanshawe, a competitor in the Annual Perfect Pickled Foods Festival.

Using deductive tactics and eye-spy searching skills, you will sleuth your way to unveiling whodunit in this witty riff on the classic murder mystery book.

Murder Most Puzzling offers the perfect blend of suspense and intellectual challenge to help you unwind before bed each night. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your phone, binge-watching TV shows, or even idly listening to true crime podcasts, retreat into a world of intrique by immersing yourself in the intricacies of this cleverly crafted whodunit.

I recommend the hardcover edition for best results, but Kindle and Apple Books editions are also available and both cost very little.