Bialetti “Alpina” Moka Express Stovetop Coffee Maker

While it’s technically modeled and named after the feathered caps of Italy’s specialist mountain infantry — the oldest of its kind in the world — I tend to think of Bialetti’s “Alpina” Moka Express as the “Robin Hood” moka pot. (My wife says “Peter Pan” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

This unique-looking stovetop coffee maker acts as a unique display piece in your kitchen, but is 100% functional for brewing coffee, albeit in small quantities. Whereas the original Moka Express can come in all kinds of sizes, the Alpina comes only in “3-cup” size, which really equates to only about 4 ounces of brew. I’m thinking they mean something akin to espresso glasses, not coffee mugs.

If you’re okay with the small quantity of coffee you can make at a given time, I’m sure you’ll be perfectly pleased to have this little bundle of personality keeping its vigilant watch over your stove.

Get the Alpina moka pot for $46 on Amazon. As one reviewer notes, those with glass-topped stove may want to also pick up a diffuser plate to keep the green color looking pristine.