Monarch Methods Gooseneck Kettle

I’m starting to think my fondness for gooseneck kettles is turning into full-blown addiction—and I’m okay with it. The Canadian-made Monarch Methods pour over kettle is among the more unique ones I’ve seen, with its copper construction and handle-less design. … (More)

Handpresso Wild Hybrid — Portable Espresso Maker

The Handpresso Wild Hybrid is a travel-sized espresso maker for coffee addicts on the move. It won’t replace a $1,000 kitchen machine but it produces surprisingly good results for what it is. The brewing process takes a little practice, but … (More)

Fino Pour Over Kettle

We love a good kettle here at Tools & Toys—particularly the gooseneck variety—and this stainless steel Fino Pour Over Kettle fits the bill nicely. Nothing fancy about it really, just quality Japanese design and craftsmanship. I like that it’s so … (More)

Studio Neat’s Simple Syrup Kit

After a highly successful Kickstarter campaign for their Neat Ice Kit, the boys at Studio Neat are back with a new Kickstarter project: the Simple Syrup Kit. Simple syrup—a concoction of sugar and water—is great for sweetening both iced coffee … (More)

Takahiro Gooseneck Kettle

When it comes to kettles, you’ll have to pry the Bonavita variable temp gooseneck out of my cold, dead hands—but I must admit, this Japanese-imported Takahiro kettle has a certain classic appeal to it. While the Bonavita is the more … (More)

‘Exceptionally Great Espresso — Art & Science’ Print

As this print’s store page says, “Great espresso is both an art form and a science” Crafted with custom inks on beautiful Italian paper, this 20″ x 27.5″ print celebrates espresso by describing its theory and preparation in great detail, … (More)

The Bonavita Variable-Temp Gooseneck Kettle is Cheaper Than Ever

The Bonavita variable-temp gooseneck kettle is one of our favorite coffee tools here at T&T, and one of the more popular items we’ve ever written about. If you still haven’t made the jump though, you should know that it’s now … (More)


If drinking cold brew coffee out of a mason jar is your thing, you’ll appreciate having a Cuppow around. It’s a BPA-free plastic lid that essentially converts the jar into a travel mug. You can sip straight from the lid … (More)

Ekobrew Stainless Steel Elite — Refillable K-Cup for Keurig Coffee Brewers

I have mixed feelings about Keurig brewers. There’s no denying their sheer convenience—I mean, you literally just push a button to brew—but those disposable K-Cup pods are wasteful and tend to produce a subpar cup of coffee besides. The Ekobrew … (More)

Rocket Fuel Pour-Over Coffee Drip

Need a little more sci-fi in your morning cup? Look no further than this sweet rocket-shaped pour-over brewer. It fits any coffee mug with a diameter less than 4″ and holds #2-size cone filters, much like the popular Hario V60 … (More)

Fill Line Coffee Mug

This 12oz coffee mug perfectly describes my ability to think or speak in the morning, before I’ve finished my first cup. In case you can’t read them in the photo above, here are the three fill lines hand-painted and heat-cured … (More)

JM&Sons Pour-Over Coffee Stand

If your main method of making coffee is with a pour-over brewer like the Hario V60, it should have a special home of its own on your countertop. The Pour-Over Stand by JM&Sons fits the bill. It’s a simple-but-stylish metal … (More)

Espresso Socks

Maybe you like to wear your love of coffee on your sleeve, but have you ever thought about wearing it on your feet? These espresso socks—which the company Espresso Parts is trying to have crowdfunded, Kickstarter-style—will let you do just … (More)

KeepCup Brew

(Photo credit: Alex Bernson, While we’re on the subject of coffee, we should talk about an awesome vessel for consuming the stuff. The KeepCup Brew—a brand-new glass version of the plastic KeepCup Original—is a reusable coffee cup that aims … (More)

Perfect Coffee at Home

Perfect Coffee at Home, written by former U.S. Marines Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez and available only on the iBookstore for iPad, is all about the joys and methods of brewing an awesome cup—you guessed it—at home. They explain all … (More)

Rancilio Silvia V3 Espresso Machine

For serious coffee fanatics, having an espresso machine at home can certainly be an expensive affair. Most of us aren’t world champion baristas though, and prefer not to break the bank to get our fix. The Rancilio Silvia V3 is … (More)

Coffee Slingers T-Shirt

Coffee Slingers is one of the best coffee shops and roasters in my home town of Oklahoma City. If you’re ever in town you should really check the place out and get some delicious coffee, but a trip to OKC … (More)

Sowden SoftBrew Coffee Maker

I recently happened across an article in The Atlantic that piqued my interest in the Sowden SoftBrew coffee maker. (Because, I don’t already have enough coffee makers in my life, right? Please send help.) It’s essentially a ceramic kettle with … (More)

Eva Solo Coffee Maker

The same people who designed our favorite cheese grater are also the makers of a great coffee maker. Similar to a French press, the Eva Solo coffee maker uses a full-immersion brewing method. Just dump some coarsely-ground coffee and hot … (More)

Porlex JP-30 Hand Grinder

(Pictured on right. Aeropress not included.) Let’s say you’ve organized your suitcase, but in your rush to get out the door you totally forgot to get your morning caffeine fix. As long as you remembered to pack your travel coffee … (More)

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