Kitchables 2.7 oz Double-Walled Espresso Shot Glasses

These 2.7-ounce double-walled espresso shot glasses are large enough to hold a double espresso shot each, and wide enough at the rim that, depending on your espresso setup, you might be able to use a single glass to catch espresso from both spouts of the portafilter at once.

Since they are double-walled, you can pick them up right after pulling espresso shots and you won’t feel a thing through the glass. Every time, you think you’re going to scorch yourself, and every time they surprise you. It’s weirdly fun. Those double walls also help keep the espresso shots warm longer than you’d expect, so you have time to admire that perfect crema before consuming or pouring.

You can get a set of two glasses for $15, or a set of four for $20. Do be careful with them though, they’re still glass and will break if treated uncarefully.