Timemore B22 “Black Mirror” Coffee & Espresso Scale

The Timemore B22 coffee scale is a much more affordable alternative to something fancy like the Acaia Pearl while looking about as cool and having a very similar feature set. Whether you’re doing pour-over brewing or you prefer pulling espresso shots, this is a great tool for weighing everything out and timing your brew.

It’s accurate to ±0.5g, which is plenty enough for anyone who isn’t trying to, say, become the next James Hoffmann.

One improvement they made over the previous model was the addition of an auto-timer mode, which counts down 3 seconds and then waits for up to 40 seconds. When it detects a change in weight — like that of dripping coffee or an espresso shot — the timer automatically kicks in so you can focus completely on what you’re doing. When you’re done brewing and lift the weight off, the timer stops and flashes the final result for you. Pretty neat!


While it’s not waterproof per se, the B22’s top surface can take a little splashing without issue. Just don’t submerge the unit or otherwise let water get in from underneath or at the charging port. There’s also a rubber pad in the box for when you need a grippier surface to set your coffee brewing setup on.

Get the Timemore B22 scale for $55 on Amazon.