Neat Ice Kit Giveaway

It’s Monday, and we’ve got another giveway. This week, we have a Neat Ice Kit from the guys at Studio Neat. This kit allows you to make beautifully clear ice in your own kitchen. It involves an insulated, block-shaped ice mold that freezes water from the top down, pushing impurities to the bottom.


The Mag-Blok is a horizontally wall-mounted block of wood that contains powerful rare-earth magnets to keep your knives and tools organized and your workspace looking awesome.

Monarch Methods Gooseneck Kettle

I’m starting to think my fondness for gooseneck kettles is turning into full-blown addiction—and I’m okay with it. The Canadian-made Monarch Methods pour over kettle is among the more unique ones I’ve seen, with its copper construction and handle-less design. You grip it by the tanned harness leather insulator rather than an external handle, giving you better control over the pour. The…

Fino Pour Over Kettle

We love a good kettle here at Tools & Toys—particularly the gooseneck variety—and this stainless steel Fino Pour Over Kettle fits the bill nicely. Nothing fancy about it really, just quality Japanese design and craftsmanship. I like that it’s so compact compared to other kettles. My only quibble is that it doesn’t whistle when the water’s boiling, but the lid does bobble…

Frontier Organic Ground Ceylon Cinnamon

Up until recently, I’ve been happily buying saigon cinnamon to sprinkle on oatmeal and toast (and sometimes my coffee). That is, until I heard that out of all the cinnamon varieties out there, saigon contained by far and away the highest levels of the liver-damaging substance coumarin. Yikes. The type of cinnamon with the least coumarin is known as ceylon—also known as…

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