Slimmy Wallet

I have owned my J. Crew Magic Wallet for so long I don’t even remember what wallet I had before it.

You can tell a lot about a man by the wallet he uses, and I think most men care deeply about having just the right wallet. I know I do. And though I’m always on the lookout, it’s been at least a decade since I purchased my previous wallet. During the past 10 years I have yet to find something interesting enough, unique enough, and simple enough to compel me to ditch my J. Crew Magic Wallet. Until last week when I saw the Slimmy wallet hands on.

The Slimmy is thin, simple, and unique. The outside is genuine leather and the inside is some sort of grippy microfiber type material. At most it holds 3 or 4 cards in each of the side pockets and there is room for some bills in the center pocket. If you like to cram your wallet with 17 library cards and receipts from the past 90 days then the Slimmy is not for you. If, however, you keep just a few cards, your ID, and perhaps some cash then you too may love the Slimmy.

(Thanks, Allen.)