Alton Brown Bow Tie Collection

Celebrity chef and dapper fellow Alton Brown has teamed up with hook + ALBERT to produce a limited-edition line of bow ties and pocket squares for the 2014 summer season. They’ve got a number of cuts and reversible prints available, … (More)


The other day, our good friend Matt Alexander launched his long-awaited startup, Need. To sum it up, Need is a monthly, curated retailer and lifestyle magazine for men. What does that mean? Well, the way it works is that each … (More)

Nerdy Tie Clips

Many nerds don’t have the freedom to wear their favorite Superhero t-shirt most days to work, but there are subtle ways to rebel. “TheLittleSaint” on Etsy has a collection of tie clips that really make me smile. There’s everything from … (More)

The 10-Year Hoodie

My favorite hoodie is dying. I’ve had it since 2006, and didn’t pay all that much for it. Years of wear, washes and the occasional nap have worn it thin, and it’s showing its age. I’ve been thinking about what … (More)

Monogrammed Aluminum Tie Clip

I was in a wedding this past weekend. Instead of the normal “rent a tux and hope for the best” deal, the groom bought each of us a gray suit to wear during the ceremony. In addition to me realizing … (More)

A-2 Flight Leather Bomber Jacket

Made from 100% leather, with a snap storm cover over the heavy-duty zipper and deep pockets, the A-2 Flight Leather Bomber Jacket is the real deal. With an American flag sewn in the inside, you’re just a mustache and pair … (More)

Mike Matas High Tops

The Mike Matas high tops are $259 a pair. For hand-made, Italian leather with wool lining, that seems totally reasonable. I mean, just look at these things. They are like grownup All Stars.

Saucony Originals Men’s Jazz Original

While the Saucony Originals Men’s Jazz Original isn’t the most expensive shoe available for dudes who wear sneakers, I love them. They are comfortable, have pretty decent arch support and come in a variety of fun colors. In fact, I’ve … (More)

The TGT Wallet

We’ve featured a lot of minimal wallets here on T&T, but the TGT might be the smallest of the lot. TGT is actually a line of wallets, and all of them are minimal and good-looking. The 1.0 is a elastic … (More)

Scotch & Soda Men’s Outdoor Jacket

With cooler temperatures (finally) showing up across much of the US, it’s time to start thinking about fall fashion. The Scotch & Soda Men’s Outdoor Jacket is a 50% Wool/40% Polyester jacket with removable liner that looks simply great. In … (More)

Wallet Emergency Cufflinks

Part of being a professional-dressed man is being prepared. The Wallet Emergency Cufflinks are designed with this in mind. This stainless steel, business card sized sheet includes four emergency cufflinks. Simply pop them out and fold them over, and you’ll … (More)

Slim – The Thinnest Wallet Ever

If minimal rubber wallets aren’t your thing, maybe this could be. The Slim wallet is a Kickstarter project determined to be the slimmest wallet ever. Made from elastic instead of the more traditional leather, the Slim promises never to stretch … (More)

The Minimal Rubber Wallet

I got an email from a reader the other day asking me what I used as a wallet. This gentleman is in the market, and wanted to know if I had any input. I sent him the above photo. For … (More)

The Keylet

The Keylet is a Kickstarter project that aims to revamp the wallet and the ring of keys we all carry around all day. The Keylet is a stainless steel card-sized money clip with two built-in keys that swivel out from … (More)

Indochino Custom Suits

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to find a suit that you look and feel good in. The key is to find a suit whose size and cut compliment your frame, as well as it being one in … (More)

Bellroy’s Note Sleeve Wallet

The folks at Bellroy were kind enough to lend me one of their Note Sleeve wallets for a while. It’s the first bifold wallet I’ve used in over a decade and I like it. Most traditional wallets are plain and … (More)

Slimmy Wallet

I have owned my J. Crew Magic Wallet for so long I don’t even remember what wallet I had before it. You can tell a lot about a man by the wallet he uses, and I think most men care … (More)

Norelco’s Vacuum Beard, Stubble, and Mustache Trimmer

I keep a short beard. Or, to be more specific, a permanent 5 o’clock shadow. And so I’ve always shaved with a guardless beard trimmer. The problem is that the cut hairs escape all over the sink. Anyone who trims … (More)

Invicta Black on Black Chronograph Watch with Black Leather

If black is the new black, then the Invicta 1430 II is nothing but class. It sports a black dial with bold, white numerals that sits inside a black ion-plated stainless steel casing. The 1430 is held on by a … (More)

Patagonia Wanaka Down Jacket

The Patagonia Wanaka down jacket is waterproof, windproof, filled with goose down, has fleece-lined pockets, an insulated removable hood, a dual-layer shell, adjustable cuffs, is stylish, and is a whopping 37 ounces light. Who’s ready for winter?

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