Icon 1000 Navigator Leather Wallet

Not a lot needs to be said about the Navigator wallet. It’s made from oiled Nissan leather and waxed canvas, has six internal card slots and a single cash slot, and most importantly, it looks great. $50 on Amazon.

Cartom Wrist Wallet

As slim as wallets have gotten in recent years, there are still times when it’s unfeasible to carry one. Some mornings, I enjoy a quick bike ride to and from my local coffee shop but I’m often wearing shorts with … (More)

‘The Hare & The Flying Tortoise’ Collection by Gnome & Bow

“What if bags could be more? What if bags could tell stories?” This is the question Quanda Ong asked himself in May 2013, when he quit his banking job to found fashion company Gnome & Bow. This mindset led him … (More)

Bholsa iPhone Sleeve + Wallet

Bholsa is a small Portuguese shop that makes lots of felt, anti-pilling, water-resistant cases for various devices. This sleeve+wallet combo, which features two front slots for cards and bills, is available for iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 4/4s. It looks great, … (More)

Saddleback Leather Passport Wallet

Alright, you’re packed, you’re well-caffeinated, and it’s time to head out the door. Hopefully by now you’ve chosen a good way to carry your money and passport around, but if not, you should have a gander at the Saddleback Leather … (More)

RFID Evan Wallet

The presence of RFID chips in our credit cards and international passports has greatly increased in the last several years, and you can bet there are thieves who want the data on those chips. A company called Ainste has come … (More)

Bellroy’s Passport Sleeve Wallet

I wish I’d known about the Bellroy Passport Sleeve Wallet before the cruise I went on recently. A wallet that can hold my passport, boarding pass, credit cards, and a tiny pen would have been tremendously helpful at the time. … (More)

Field Notes “Everyday Carry” Memo Book Cover

In addition to their “Pony Express” leather pouch, the guys at Field Notes have added a beautiful new product to their lineup of leather goods: the “Everyday Carry” Memo Book Cover. Made of soft, vegetable-tanned cowhide leather, this cover sports … (More)

The Park Sloper

The Park Sloper is a combination leather wallet + notebook cover hand-crafted by a guy named Keegan on Etsy. He takes the “hand-crafted” mantra pretty seriously — no sewing machines are used in the making of these items and they’re … (More)

Box Card Case

Yesterday, I pointed out the excellent TGT Wallet, which was mainly designed with credit cards in mind. If the items you carry around in your pocket are more of the “loose change, keys, and earbuds” variety, the versatile Box Card … (More)

TGT Wallet

The TGT Wallet (pronounced like “tight wallet”) is a great new wallet that sports a part-leather, part-elastic design. The leather is of the soft Italian variety and the elastic allows for all kinds of colorful choices to pick from. It’s … (More)

Vestige Wallet

Much like the CINCH wallet I wrote about a while back, the Vestige wallet ($20) sports a minimal design along with a wooden “backbone” to help the wallet keep its shape. The biggest difference though is its leather exterior, in … (More)

CINCH Minimalist Wallet

There’s a bit of a “minimalist wallet” trend going around these days, and a lot of them are starting out as Kickstarter projects. My current wallet, the Supr Slim, actually falls into this category but a new Kickstarter wallet called … (More)

The Bridge Front Pocket Wallet

Daniel Kane, the guy behind these awesome Kickstarter sunglasses is back, with a front-pocket wallet that looks just great. The Bridge is built with a slim aluminum and stainless steel exoskeleton that provides easy access to cards and cash with … (More)

Phil’s Handmade Leather Wallets

Phil’s wallets are crafted out of clean, durable leather that might have gone to waste but instead has been rescued and given new life. They sport that minimal look, yet can fit up to 20 cards and 20 bills at … (More)

Obtainium Wallets

In another entry in our long-running series of awesome wallets, the Obtainium Wallet might be my new favorite. Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum that is hard coated to a satin texture, the Obtainium Wallet is a metal bifold with built-in … (More)

DODOcase Durables iPhone 5 Wallet

With a sage waxed duck canvas exterior and orange-poppy cotton interior, this wallet is made to impress. The center is designed to hold Apple’s new, taller, iPhone 5, with a pocket on either side for cards, cash or whatever else … (More)

Slim – The Thinnest Wallet Ever

If minimal rubber wallets aren’t your thing, maybe this could be. The Slim wallet is a Kickstarter project determined to be the slimmest wallet ever. Made from elastic instead of the more traditional leather, the Slim promises never to stretch … (More)

The Minimal Rubber Wallet

I got an email from a reader the other day asking me what I used as a wallet. This gentleman is in the market, and wanted to know if I had any input. I sent him the above photo. For … (More)

The Keylet

The Keylet is a Kickstarter project that aims to revamp the wallet and the ring of keys we all carry around all day. The Keylet is a stainless steel card-sized money clip with two built-in keys that swivel out from … (More)

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