Landmann “City Lights Memphis” Firepit

My family and I recently came to California to attend a rally of fellow full-time RV families. There have been many nights of huge potluck dinners, followed by us all sitting around various firepits having conversations until we all disperse late at night. Most of the firepits people have brought have been the propane kind, but for me, nothing beats the sight, smell, sound, and heat output of a classic wood fire.

Landmann’s “City Lights Memphis” firepit is ideal for that kind of ambiance. It’s light and easy to assemble, yet large enough (23½” diameter) to hold longer logs without fear of them falling out as the fire goes on. The sides of the pit sport a lattice-like cutout design with a mesh guard all the way around, so people can enjoy the heat and view from all around the pit without having to stand up or crowd too close. The full-diameter safety ring makes a great footrest during a fire, then makes it easy to transport the pit the next day.

Get this pit for $100 on Amazon. If you want more cutesy designs, check out the company’s “Big Sky Stars and Moons” ($88) and “Wildlife” ($106) firepits.