ThermoPro TP620 Ambidextrous Digital Instant-Read Cooking Thermometer

My mom, who is left-handed, knows all too well how much of the world is designed around right-handed people. Even something as simple as a handheld cooking thermometer can be irritating for her to use, as the temperature display is always upside-down from her point of view.

With the ThermoPro TP620, that’s not an issue. The display uses a gravity sensor to auto-rotate depending on the angle you hold the unit at, so anyone can comfortably read it while cooking, grilling, whatever.


The large anti-fogging screen is also brightly backlit and displays the numbers quite largely, so even those of us with vision challenges can see what’s going on just fine.

Other neat features include an IP65 waterproof construction (so it can be cleaned under running water), super fast temperature readouts (like 2–3 seconds tops), instant waking when picked up, 90-second auto-sleep after you set it down, and a list of recommended meat temperatures printed on the back for easy reference.

Get the TP620 instant-read thermometer for $50 on Amazon.