Reminder: Our Guide to Backyard Cooking is Awesome

For Tools & Toys readers in the US, Labor Day is just a week away. It’s the perfect time to close out the summer with a great cook out with friends and family. We’ve got a great guide to make … (More)

Littlbug Collapsible Camping Stove

The Littlbug is a super-light stainless steel camping stove able to be collapsed and stored in a backpack when not in-use. It can burn wood or alcohol, can support large pots, and only takes about 15 seconds to assemble. Its … (More)

iGrill 2

The iGrill 2 is a Bluetooth-enabled grilling thermometer designed for pros and serious enthusiasts but simple enough for amateur grillers to use. Building on the design and features of the original iGrill, the iGrill 2 has upped its probe capacity … (More)

Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush

Cleaning a grill grate after cooking some meat is probably the least fun part of backyard cooking. Thankfully there are tools like the Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush to make our lives easier. The brush’s handle holds two cups of … (More)

The Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter

One of the gifts my dad got me for Christmas this year was a charcoal chimney starter — the $15 Weber 7416 Rapidfire, to be exact. This is is the chimney starter found in our guide to backyard grilling. But … (More)

S’mores Roasting Rack

Personally, I like to toast marshmallows one-at-a-time, catching each one on fire and letting the exterior burn to a crisp. But most people I know seem to prefer only a slight toasting, and if you’re going to be making a … (More)

Baking Steel

Baking pizza at home seems like it should be a simple project, but it can be a little tricky. The outer crust and the pie center don’t always cook evenly, and you might even end up with some burnt zones. … (More)

Mini-Review: The iGrill

When I first heard about the iGrill, I wasn’t all that impressed with the idea. Why would I need my iPhone to know about what was going on in my Weber Grill. Then I got sent one as a review … (More)

The Tools & Toys Guide to Backyard Cooking

In this guide to essential grilling equipment, we aim to list the best gear needed for grilling and smoking meat. Alas, we don’t have any suggestions for a security system that will keep the neighbors away during dinner time. Below … (More)

Curly Dog Roasting Sticks

Lost more hot dogs and marshmallows to fires than you care to think about? Well, thanks to these curly roasting sticks, those kinds of tragedies can be a distant memory. Made of high-quality, hand-twisted steel, these handy tools will keep … (More)

Weber 741001 Grill

With fall here, there’s no better time to start grilling. Sure, burgers and hot dogs are great during summer cookouts, but fall grilling involves a lot less heatstroke. If you are in the market for a grill, why not go … (More)

Honey Badger Habanero BBQ Sauce

It’s a homemade recipe that uses hand-chopped habanero peppers, honey, and probably a few other secret ingredients. It sounds delicious, but I’m not yet sure how well a couple of designers with english accents who live in northern California can … (More)

Weber FireStarters Lighter Cubes

These bad boys are the greatest invention since the chimney starter. Actually, you’re supposed to use them in conjunction with your chimney starter. For the past several summers, when I go to light my charcoal grill I spend about 5 … (More)

KettlePizza Add-On For Your Weber Grill

If you want to turn your Weber grill into a backyard wood fire brick oven for making pizza, there’s only one way: The KettlePizza. It’s built with 20 gauge steel and comes in sizes to fit your 18.5- or 22.5-inch … (More)

Bear Paw Meat Handling Claws

Bear Paw claws are standard equipment in any BBQ King’s castle. They come in great for handling meat during three types of occasions: (1) when you’re dealing with raw meat and don’t want to wash your hands every time you … (More)

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

Happy Turkey Day. I’ll be smoking my turkey in a Weber this year, because real men slow cook their entrĂ©es in a smoker. And, what’s great about this Weber, is that for the times when you just want to slap … (More)

Weber Charcoal Grill Chimney Starter

Sure grilling with gas is easier, but it can never fully replace the purity, manliness, and sheer awesomeness of grilling over charcoal. But we all know how frustrating it is when you’re trying to get your charcoal ready to grill … (More)