The Grovemade Apple Watch Dock

Just over a week ago, the folks at Grovemade introduced their new Apple Watch Dock, which is simple, beautiful, and showcases finishing touches that are worth the extra manufacturing effort they put in:

We tried designing an Apple Watch stand / dock years ago, when the watch first launched. Everything we came up with felt too gadgety, too techy, too overloaded with functions, and we didn’t like seeing the bright white charging puck. It wasn’t right, so we didn’t launch it. We came around and revisited the concept, pushing for something simple and beautiful. It’s a design that does less and does it well, which is just what we wanted.

Each dock is made of a ¼” brushed stainless steel base topped by a machined puck of natural cork, with an indentation in the center that your Apple Watch magnetically snaps into and starts charging on contact. As for those extra details I mentioned? The product page tells the story:

The junction between the materials is sanded flush on the edge sander—it’s harder to manufacture, but those details count. We make each dock one at a time, with a single person taking the product from start to finish. The black cork is hand-stained with Japanese calligraphy ink, for a rich black color. Skilled hands are a must.

The Apple Watch Dock comes in two colors:

  1. Light ($50)


  2. Dark ($60)