Impress IM-708 3-Speed Desk Fan

If you’re one of those people who shops for fans based on their quietness and light-breeziness, the Impress IM-708 desk fan is not for you.


‘Things Come Apart’ 2015 Wall Calendar

Speaking of Things Fall Apart, there is an accompanying 2015 wall calendar with one teardown photo from the book for every month. At the bottom of each page is a view of the previous and next months, which is nice.


ICON Prints by DKNG Studios

The idea behind the ICON project, as told by designers Nathan Goldman and Dan Kuhlken: “Every film has one. A signature prop, set, or location. Something that, in a single image, can represent the entire movie. With this in mind, … (More)

La Crosse Technology Atomic Clock

We’ve got a clock in every classroom at the school I work at. Adjusting each clock for daylight savings time would take us quite a while. To save us from the hassle, we’ve got a La Crosse Technology WT-3143-H 14-Inch Atomic … (More)

Kanex DoubleUp — Two-Port USB Wall Charger for iPad and iPhone

As the title suggests, the Kanex DoubleUp is a wall adapter that accepts two USB cables. It’s powerful enough to charge two iPads relatively quickly, thanks to each USB port’s 10.5-watt output, and it has helpful status LEDs on the … (More)

Rotring 800+ Mechanical Pencil and Stylus Hybrid

The Rotring 800+ is a combination of stylus and retractable 0.7mm mechanical pencil. Give the cap a small twist to extend or retract the mechanical pencil—while retracted the 800+ acts like any other stylus, perfect for use on an iPad. … (More)

Cameron Moll’s Letterpress Posters

You may or may not already be familiar with Cameron Moll’s work over at Authentic Jobs, but did you know he also painstakingly recreates pieces of architecture in letterpress form and sells prints of them? If not, now is a … (More)

General Purpose / Desk Scissors by Ernest Wright and Son Ltd

I know it seems a bit silly to be writing about a pair of scissors, especially ones that cost £22 (~$38 USD) but watch this video and you’ll see just how much care goes into every set. They’re made from … (More)

City Prints Spaceflight Maps

These Spaceflight maps are perfect for anyone who’s ever dreamed of going to space. From Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 mission routes to lunar landings and even to a Kennedy Space Center launchpad, these prints are sure to make your … (More)

Synology DiskStation DS213j

The Synology Diskstation DS213j NAS—recently reviewed by our own editor Shawn Blanc—is an excellent way of storing all the stuff on your home network. With two drive bays that can handle up to 10 TB of HDD storage, a gigabit … (More)

‘Exceptionally Great Espresso — Art & Science’ Print

As this print’s store page says, “Great espresso is both an art form and a science” Crafted with custom inks on beautiful Italian paper, this 20″ x 27.5″ print celebrates espresso by describing its theory and preparation in great detail, … (More)

The bttn

The bttn is an interesting little gizmo that reminds me of a Griffin PowerMate but without the volume-dial component. What looks like a simple colored button (hence the name) is actually a web-connected device capable of executing interesting commands, similar … (More)

‘Creative Thinking’ Poster by Grant Snider

This morning, artist Grant Snider posted a comic about creative thinking that really resonated with me. As it turns out, he offers 11×17 posters of all comics on his site, and this one would be perfect for hanging in a … (More)

Anker 40W 5-Port USB Charger

This 5-port USB charger by Anker gets everything right. It lets you charge up to five gadgets at once—iPads, iPhones, Kindles, cameras, you name it—and intelligently adjusts the output of each port based on whatever’s connected (or disconnected, for that … (More)

Embue — Smart Energy Management

Embue is a new Kickstarter project that aims to replace your thermostat, but not just with a single unit like Nest. Embue has sensors that can be placed in every room, giving it a much better overview of your home … (More)

Twelve South HoverBar V3

Twelve South’s new HoverBar V3—an adjustable-arm mount for iPad—is just like the old HoverBar, but now it can also be used with newer iPad models such as the mini and Air. It can be clamped onto the edge of any … (More)

‘Writers and their Typewriters’ Poster

As the name implies, this poster shows off the beautiful typewriters of famous authors such as Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, Joyce Carol Oates, George Orwell, Sylvia Plath, Hunter S. Thompson, and more. Perfect for any literary or writing geek to … (More)

Zen Pencils Poster Store

I’m a huge fan of the site Zen Pencils, where illustrator Gavin Aung Than takes famous inspirational quotes and turns them into awesome cartoons. He just reopened his online store with redesigned versions of his popular poster designs, my favorite … (More)

Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Monitor Arm

When it comes to having two displays on your desk, using the static stands that come in their boxes may not be the best choice; they take up a bunch of room and can’t be repositioned very easily. A better … (More)

Bluelounge Jimi — USB Port Extension for iMac

If you love your iMac but hate having to reach around the back to use its USB ports, the Bluelounge Jimi is for you. The idea is simple: the Jimi plugs into the back of the iMac and curves underneath … (More)

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