Bestig Black & Gold Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

This is going to sound stupid, but ever since I was a kid (about my son’s age right now, come to think of it) and the Gold Ranger first appeared on Power Rangers Zeo, I’ve loved the color combination of black and gold. I can’t explain why really, I just thought it was cool as heck at the time and that feeling never went away.

Which is all to say that I’m super into this matte black and rose gold Apple Watch band from Bestig. It’s got that classy, understated style that’s absolutely suitable for fancy occasions or dressing up your everyday ‘fit a little, without the high price tag you might expect.

As shown by this Amazon reviewer and others, the band pairs especially well with a gold Apple Watch case, but it’s certainly not a requirement.

You can get this elegant yet affordable Apple Watch band in one of two sizes for $19 on Amazon. Comes with a link removal tool to ensure the best fit either way you go.