Robert Larson Plastic Center Finder Tool

You probably think you’re good at free-handing the center point of a dowel or piece of wood stock for lathe turning and other woodworking projects. This nifty little doodad may just prove you wrong.

Place the tool against the wood (aligning its angled markers against the wood’s edges), trace a bisector line along the stencil’s flat side, then rotate the tool to draw another line crossing the first one at the exact center point. Draw as many lines from as many angles as you like; they’ll all meet in the same place.

If you’re a visual learner like me, here’s a video showing how it works:

The tool works with wood stock of various shapes and sizes:

  • Circular: 8” max
  • Octagon: 8” max
  • Square: 8” max
  • Hexagon: 5¾” max

Get it for just $7 on Amazon.