ZAGGkeys Cover — Backlit Keyboard Case for iPad Air

As someone who does nearly all of my writing from an iPad, I’ve been very happy with my Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. I like the feel of the keys and the way it protects my iPad when it’s closed, plus I haven’t yet needed to charge the thing once in the six months I’ve owned it.

But it’s not without limitations. The opening/docking procedure is a tad awkward and takes some getting used to, and the whole setup really only works on flat surfaces. I can’t lie back on my couch and rest the keyboard on my legs to do any writing because the iPad just tips over onto me.

It’d be nice if I could just open the case up to any angle like a laptop and be done with it, and that’s what the upcoming ZAGGkeys Cover for iPad Air promises to deliver. There won’t be a need to remove the iPad from the magnetic hinge every time it’s opened, and the viewing angle is adjustable. It also has a backlit keyboard, where my Logitech does not.

I obviously can’t vouch for the ZAGGkeys Cover since it’s only available for pre-order ($100) at the moment, but ZAGGkeys usually makes good stuff so I’m optimistic about it.