ZAGG “Pro” Wireless Charging Desktop Keyboard Series

ZAGG has released three variants of their Pro Keyboard, which are all Bluetooth keyboards that have the capability of being wirelessly recharged on a Qi charging pad. (I’d love to make a “Qi-board” joke here but sadly it’s pronounced chee, not kee.)

Here are the sizes to choose from, pictured above from top to bottom:

  • Pro Keyboard 17 ($90) — Full size; best for desktop usage.
  • Pro Keyboard 15 ($80) — Mid-size; can be used on desktop or as a portable keyboard with 10-key number pad.
  • Pro Keyboard 12 ($70) — Compact; ideal for portable usage.

If you don’t already have a Qi charger, each keyboard can still be charged via USB-C, and there’s a cable included for that purpose. They estimate about three months of use per full charge, given 8 hours of usage per day.

Notice those three blue buttons at the top of each model? The keyboards can all be wirelessly paired with up to three devices at once, and those buttons are what you use to easily switch between them. Quite convenient, that.

Check out the full Pro Keyboard collection here to compare before buying.