Ystudio “Brassing” Writing Tools

Thanks to the Offscreen Dispatch newsletter, I recently discovered a gorgeous series of brass writing utensils made by the Taiwan-based ystudio (that incidentally would’ve made excellent additions to our Black & Gold EDC guide).

The “brassing” series in particular has caught my eye:

Each of these products sports a black finish that slowly wears off over time, revealing the underlying raw brass material to beautiful effect. You can also use the included extra-fine 600-grit sandpaper to move the process along. Either way, each item reveals a sort of character unique to you, which I find very appealing.

Just over a year ago, Brad Dowdy of The Pen Addict wrote a review of the ballpoint pen:

It ships with sandpaper? Yes it does. I wasn’t aware of that at first, thinking any wear pattern would form over time. I didn’t even notice the sandpaper when I first open the box either, but once it fell out of the included insert I thought “Aha! This will be fun!”

The brassing series can be purchased either from the Amsterdam-based Kohezi shop or from ystudio directly, although it appears that neither of the fountain pens listed above can be found on ystudio’s own site, oddly enough.