Yield Design’s Glass French Press Coffee Maker

Perhaps you consider yourself something of a purist when it comes to coffee makers (“What’s all this “American Press” business? Thes kids and their newfangled contraptions…”) but still appreciate owning beautiful versions of things. If that hits close to home, then you ought to check out this glass French press by Florida-based studio Yield Design.

It works the same as any French press you’ve ever used, but aesthetically speaking, it might be the most beautiful one you ever own. It’s also made from borosilicate glass, the same super durable stuff that old Pyrex products are still prized for (compared to their less-heat-resistant soda-lime glass counterparts today in the US).



This French press comes in clear, gray, and amber and goes for $85 at Yield Design. If glass isn’t your thing, they also offer a line of ceramic French presses.