Yeejok 5ml Travel Fragrance Atomizer

One of my little quirks is that I’m always self-conscious about how I smell to others out in the world. I used to have issues with oversweating as a teenager, and when I first discovered the concept of olfactory fatigue — basically, you stop noticing certain smells around you until your nose can take a break from them for a while — I realized that I may not even be aware of how smelly I am.

It could be that I worry over nothing, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. A pocket atomizer like this one is super useful because it allows you to carry a favorite fragrance with you at all times, so you can top up as needed to always smell your best. It’s approved for carry-on baggage as well, so matter where your travels take you, you can stay smelling and feeling fresh.

One nifty feature is that you refill the tiny 5ml bottle by putting it onto the tube/stem that most fragrance spray bottles have under the removable spraying head, then simply pressing the bottle on the stem to pump the fragrance into it. Like so:


The Yeejok atomizer is $13 on Amazon and comes in four colors:

They also offer a black + rose gold two-pack for $24.