Yaheetech Faux-Leather Accent Armchair

One way you can instantly level up the refinement of a given room is by introducing a piece of furniture with timeless style and the appearance of luxury materials, even if it’s not the real deal.

This “leather” armchair could almost be confused for an antique inherited from a grandparent or something you picked up at an estate sale, thanks to its classic mid-century modern aesthetic.


What your guests may not be able to tell right away however is that it’s actually upholstered with supple PU leather rather than anything animal-sourced, and what appear to be wooden legs are instead metal ones styled to look that way.

It’s also a rather comfy chair to sit in and is made to hold up over time, with pocketed steel coil springs to back up the already-resilient internal foam padding. To round things out, that wide winged back has a certain Drama™ to it that might just make you feel like a diabolical genius every time you sit in it 😈

Take your room to the next level by picking up one of these chairs for $168 on Amazon. If you buy two of them at once, you’ll save a few bucks. Value!