“World City Icons” Collection by Yannis Abelas

The “World City Icons” set by Amsterdam-based designer Yannis Abelas (listed as “Ioannis Ampelas” on Iconfinder) is an extensive collection of handmade vector icons based on landmarks from over 160 major cities around the globe. They all look awesome, and once you’ve purchased the SVG files of your choice, they’re ready to be dragged into your favorite design app.

There are thousands of popular cities icons from around the world on the web. But there was no complete collection with all of the major cities from around the globe, carefully designed with one uniform style. Well, now there is.

All icons were designed in order to reflect the architectural beauty of the unique landmarks. Delivered in vector format and designed to look perfect even at a 90×90 pixel scale.

The icons come in five main collections:

  1. Asia & Oceania (40 icons) — $22
  2. Africa & Middle East (24 icons) — $18
  3. Europe (27 icons) — $18
  4. North & Central America (38 icons) — $22
  5. South America (19 icons) — $16

There’s also a pack of 18 full-color icons (pictured in the hero image above) for $40. You may notice that buying all the packs individually would total $136 (for 166 icons in all). However, they do offer an option to buy the entire family at once for just $100.