Workouts++ for Apple Watch and iPhone

Background photo by Francesco Gallarotti

Workouts++ is a new app by David Smith that lets you completely customize the way different workouts are displayed on your Apple Watch.

A lot of factors are in your control:

  • Whether a workout is an indoor or outdoor one.
  • The type of workout it is (there are six main categories to choose from).
  • Various workout metric “panels” (duration, heartrate, distance, pace, calories burned, etc) which you can select and arrange however you like for each workout.
  • Ranges of minimum/maximum thresholds that you can set for each workout (for example, a target heartrate “zone” while running)
  • Custom color and/or haptic feedback cues when those thresholds have been crossed.

Here’s David himself with a detailed walkthrough of the app:

I also recommend reading John Voorhees’ review at MacStories to learn even more about it.

Workouts++ is $4 on the App Store. (After January 2nd, 2017, it will go up to $5.)