WordBook — English Dictionary and Thesaurus for iOS

On the latest episode of The Prompt, Federico Viticci mentioned an iOS app called WordBook that sounded interesting enough for me to check out. It’s a pretty powerful English dictionary and thesaurus, and I think it might just replace my long-running “Words to Remember” list in Simplenote.

You can bookmark your favorite words and have them sync between devices via iCloud, have the app sound them out for you, and look up all the synonyms and antonyms for a given word. It also has a couple nifty ways of searching for words: crossword (type the letters you know and leave spaces where you’re not sure) and anagram (basically, a good way to cheat at Scrabble—not that I advocate such things). You can even filter out profanity from the dictionary if you want.

Overall, I really like WordBook. There’s a $3 universal version that I recommend getting, but if you don’t have an iPad (or just want to save a buck) you can get the iPhone-only version for $2.