Wiha “SoftFinish” Insulated Cushion Grip Screwdrivers

You can use any old screwdriver for most jobs that require one, but when it comes to working with electrical systems of any kind, safety becomes paramount. If a circuit somewhere happens to be live when you go to work on it — and ideally that’s not the case, but things happen that way sometimes — then you need to be using tools that can protect you from harm.

To that end, Wiha’s SoftFinish insulated screwdrivers are officially rated for 1,000 volts (AC) and individually tested to 10,000 volts, so you can have peace of mind that working on a hot connection won’t be the last thing you do.


Obviously, any risk taken is at your own discretion; I’m not advising that you work on any live equipment if you can avoid it, and you should always do your due diligence by cutting power and/or discharging capacitors beforehand.

Even if you don’t plan to work on anything electrical, these screwdrivers are great because their grippy, cushioned handles provide maximum comfort and control on every job, with less hand strain and fatigue compared to lesser drivers.


This pack of five screwdrivers is $35 on Amazon and comes with a 1 x 80mm Phillips, a 2 x 100mm Phillips, a 4.5 x 125mm slotted/flathead, a 6.5 x 150mm slotted/flathead, and a 2 x 150mm square-tip.