This one is for those of us with little kids running around the house. Watching them learn how to wash their own hands is fun in a way, but cleaning up the mess sure isn’t.

They have a hard time reaching anything, they’re putting their hands all over faucet handles and knocking over soap dispensers and getting water everywhere, and you’re standing there soaked with your knee jammed into the sink cabinet wondering how you ended up here.

There’s a Kickstarter project that might make your life easier: the Whaleywasher.

It’s essentially a faucet extension with a built-in soap dispenser and an easily accessible button for turning on the water. All you have to do is install it, turn the water on to whatever temperature/pressure you want, and fill the dispenser with your favorite liquid soap. Your kid can walk up, push the button, and voilà, they’re doing their own hand-washing.

There are 19 days left to back this project (as of Apr 29, 2014), and a few spots left at the $25 pledge level. After those are gone, it will run you $35 to back the project and get a Whaleywasher.