Wera “Kraftform Kompakt 27 RA” Ratcheting Screwdriver

A ratcheting screwdriver is a simple-sounding upgrade over using a typical screwdriver, but it’s one that makes all the difference. The first time you get into a tight space and quickly tighten or loosen an annoyingly placed screw with one hand, you’ll never go back to a non-ratcheting tool.

Wera’s Kraftform Kompakt 27 RA is a solid contender in this space. The ergonomic handle — though strange looking at first glance — is comfortable to hold and use, with a mix of both hard and soft portions. Pushing the button on the end reveals a carousel in the handle that has slots for six 1″ driver bits, making it easy to switch them out as needed but staying out of the way when you’re working. The ratcheting mechanism itself has 60 teeth for smooth operation.

This screwdriver is $41 on Amazon. Another solid alternative is the Williams WRS-1, which is a few bucks cheaper but the ratchet mechanism has only 26 teeth compared to the Wera’s 60.