Weber’s Wonders Bamboo Toast Tongs

I used to think the idea of toast tongs was kind of silly. β€œI can just use my fingers,” I’d lie to myself each time I quickly flung a scorching hot piece of bread from the toaster to my plate, sometimes burning my digits anyway.

It took a while to get through my thick skull, but once I realized just how often this little pattern was repeating itself, I decided that my stubborn ego needed to shut it for once. If that sounds like you too, trust me when I say these bamboo toaster tongs should have a home in your kitchen.

Whenever you need to grab a freshly toasted slice of toast β€” or a waffle, or an English muffin, or especially one of those bagel halves that always manage to feel closer to lava than bread in terms of temperature β€” they make the job simple, easy, and burned-finger-free. They’re certainly safer than trying to use a metal fork, which we’ve all done at some point πŸ˜…

Get a set of two tongs for $8 on Amazon.