The Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter is Still Our Favorite Way to Get a Charcoal Grill Going

Way back in December 2013 I wrote about the 7416-model Weber Rapidfire, a chimney starter that makes it super simple to (literally) fire up a charcoal grill: Fill it up with briquettes, light a fire cube (or some wadded-up newspaper) underneath, and in 20 minutes you’ve got red hot coals ready to cook with — no flavor-ruining lighter fluid needed.

Well, that model isn’t available on Amazon as of February 8th, 2021, but the 7429 model sure is, and it’s essentially the same thing, just in better packaging.


Once you’ve used this thing, you’ll never go back to…whatever it is you did to fuss over lighting charcoal before. We’ve been doing it this way so long we can’t even remember other methods 😄

People have mixed opinions on whether or not you should bother wearing gloves when handling the chimney, since there’s a decent heat shield in front of the grip. If you’re personally uncomfortable using the handle alone, we’d recommend these grill gloves.

Get the Weber Rapidfire chimney starter for $31 on Amazon.