WBM Himalayan Salt Lamp

These Himalayan salt lamps — roughly hewn from salt crystals from the Himalayas — are a great way to add some soft, warm lighting to any small space. You can place one anywhere you like, but in my opinion they work especially nicely in a workspace or as a night light for children.

Companies that sell these lamps always espouse supposed health benefits such as “purifying the surrounding air” and “releasing negative ions” etc, but there doesn’t seem to be much truth in such claims. For me, that stuff isn’t the point — I just enjoy the warm amber lighting they offer. I find it pleasant, and that’s all I need from a lamp.

These salt lamps come in various sizes, from a 7″ model for $24, all the way up to a 12″ model for $85. I find the $30 9″ version is a good middle ground.