Wavian Authentic NATO “Jerry” Fuel Can

Produced in the same factory that’s been supplying them for NATO countries since World War I — originally in Germany, and then in Latvia from WWII to today — these military-grade steel fuel cans from Wavian (AKA “jerry cans”) are a vast improvement over those cheap plastic gas cans you’re probably used to, and likely the last you’ll ever need.

Constructed from 0.9mm cold-rolled steel and made to exacting standards, each can is leak-proof, vapor-tight, and holds up to 20 liters (5.3 gallons) of fuel. They’re also internally lined with an anti-rust coating to ensure longevity, and they even boast a recessed welding seam, a clever feature that prevents wear and tear and keeps the can airtight no matter what abuse it suffers.


The signature shuriken-like indentations on the sides strengthens the walls and allows the contents to expand during rapid temperature changes. Additionally, the cap has a locking pin that keeps it from ever being opened accidentally, but when you do open it, it’s designed to stay open while the can is tilted foward — you must gently lift it straight up before closing it (don’t force it).


One thing people tend to notice early on is the triple-handle configuration on top. Why are they like that, you might ask? Well, they make a full can easier to be carried by one or two people, or be passed along a line of people assembly-line-style. Everything about this thing is clever, really.

There’s more I could get into, but I’d recommend watching this video to learn more, including some of the history of jerry cans:

Get the Wavian jerry can for $79 on Amazon in your choice of red or green. They also offer a blue one for kerosine and a yellow one for diesel, although you can technically use any type of fuel in any of them — the color coding is simply for preventing mix-ups if you have to store multiple cans/fuel types in your garage.