Wander No-Show Socks

Whether you’re the kind of guy who likes wearing loafers or boat shoes, or you just prefer the look of sneakers with bare ankles — especially in shorts weather — wearing no-show socks is a must. These ones by Wander meet the three main criteria:

  1. They really do not show — The last thing you’d want from no-show socks is…well, any part of them showing even a little. These do a great job of staying invisible.
  2. They don’t slip — Three silicone strips on the heel keep these socks on your feet throughout the day.
  3. They’re comfortable — The organic cotton blend they use is soft, breathable, and quite stretchy.

Each 7-pack of socks comes in two size ranges (at $13 and $15 respectively), with a handful of color choices to choose from:

Another brand/line worth checking out are the Sheec SoleHuggers.