Wahl Lithium Ion+ Stainless Steel Grooming Kit (Model 9818)

Wahl’s Lithium Ion+ trimmer kit (Model 9818) is well suited for all your beard and nose/ear/body hair trimming needs. This sleek, durable shaver sports a real brushed stainless steel body and comes with four interchangeable head attachments for shaving, cutting, trimming, and detailing all types of hair:

  1. T-Blade
  2. Detail Shaver
  3. Rotary Detailer (for ears, nose, and brows)
  4. Detail Trimmer

For the T-Blade attachment in particular, they include 12 guide combs β€” 8 long ones (# 1–8) and 4 stubble ones. You also get a beard comb, a cleaning brush, some blade oil, and a zippered storage case to hold it all.

In terms of battery performance, the Model 9818 offers a 4-hour runtime on a full charge. Better yet, even if you forget to charge the thing before putting it away, it has an ultrafast quick-charge feature that offers 3 minutes of trimming on just 60 seconds of charging. Just the right amount of time to do some quick touch-ups before heading out the door.

If you happen to travel internationally with it, it does support both 110v and 220v. You might just need the right travel adapter to make it work.

Get this kit for $60 on Amazon.