Wacaco “Pipamoka” All-in-One Vacuum-Pressured Portable Coffee Maker

Released just last month, Wacaco’s new Pipamoka portable brewer + travel mug joins the ranks of other great travel coffee makers, which includes fellow Wacaco products but with regular brewed coffee in mind this time around rather than espresso.

The Pipamoka is an entirely self-contained brewing system that uses a novel twisting mechanism to create a constant, steady coffee extraction under vacuum pressure, resulting in a very smooth and clean brew.


Watch how it works:

As that video shows, the coffee is filtered through a built-in micro-filter mesh, meaning there’s no paper waste. The filter basket holds 16g of ground coffee, and it’s recommended you use a medium coarse grind that falls somewhere between drip coffee and French press.

Even if you’re not traveling with it, the Pipamoka can be a handy addition to your coffee setup. You can brew with it at home, screw on the lid, then take the mug by itself to work or around town, keeping your coffee hot for hours. The only downside to this setup is that the lid has to be removed to drink the contents of the mug, but I’ve heard that’s something they’re working on for future product releases.

Get the Pipamoka for $50 on Amazon. You might also consider adding the compatible protective case ($20, sold separately).