Wacaco “Picopresso” Portable Espresso Maker

Over the past decade, Hong Kong company Wacaco has become well known around the world for their portable espresso makers, like the Minipresso and Nanopresso. About a year ago, they released their smallest model yet: the aptly named Picopresso.

Aimed at pro baristas and advanced-level enthusiasts — people who are already comfortable with shot-pulling technique, dialing in grind settings, tamping correctly, etc— the Picopresso gives you the power to pull an authentic cafe-quality espresso anywhere that will rival any high-end machine, right in the palm of your hand.


Despite its tiny size, it’s capable of reaching 18 bars of pressure, which is way more than enough to pull fantastic, syrupy espresso shots worthy of Instagram (the usual recommendation is ~9 bars).

Like its previous brethren, this pressure is achieved by hand-pumping the piston on the side, which you can do just enough times to pre-infuse the coffee and let it sit a moment before you continue pressing out your shot.


The “naked” portafilter basket measures 52mm across and holds up to 18 grams of coffee grounds, just like a home machine. All you have to do is supply the hot water (perhaps in a thermos, after pre-boiling at home) and the coffee itself, whether you’re grinding it on the spot or doing so before leaving home.


Get the Picopresso for $130 on Amazon.