VSSL “JAVA” Manual Travel Coffee Grinder

After all these years (that one’s for my fellow Silverchair fans out there) the AeroPress remains the best way to brew coffee while traveling or exploring the outdoors. The portability, ease of use, and extraction quality just can’t be beat.

However, even the best travel coffee maker is nothing without a supply of freshly ground coffee beans. VSSL’s beautiful JAVA manual coffee grinder is almost over-engineered to get the job done, and you can be sure it won’t let you down, whether you’re in the backcountry or hopping from one hotel/Airbnb to the next.

The JAVA’s body is crafted from water-resistant aircraft-grade aluminum so that it’ll last a lifetime even while weighing under 13 oz, and it makes use of a high-carbon stainless steel conical burr with dual-axle bearings to ensure consistent grind size every single time, without any “wobbling” while grinding.


One of the cleverer bits of the JAVA’s design is its dual-purpose extendable handle, which not only offers smooth and effortless rotation during the grind process, but can also be flipped over and attached to the other side of the cap, creating an ergonomic handle or carabiner clip for your carrying/packing convenience.


Get the VSSL JAVA grinder for $160 on Amazon in your choice of Black, Predator Green, or Tusk White.