So long as we’re on the subject of nifty $0.99 camera apps, my current favorite is VSCO CAM from Visual Supply Co. Like most other photo-editing apps, VSCO CAM let’s you snap a photo from within the app or import one from you camera roll. From there you can apply one of 10 different filters — 3 of which are black and white, and 7 of which are color. You can stop at that or if you like you can fine tune the noise, contrast, and other settings of your pre-filtered image. Then you can save the image back to your camera roll or send it out via email or Twitter, or post it to Instagram.

Comparing VSCO CAM to other camera apps by using a feature checklist, it’s not all that different. But for me, it’s always fun to mix it up. The reason I’ve been having fun using it for the past several weeks is that its unique set of filters are fun and different. Moreover, the whole app is easy to use and gives you a lot of control if you want it without a learning curve.

I’ve really been happy with the results I’ve been getting from this app.

(Thanks, Phil!)