VSCO Cam 2.0

This won’t be the first time we’ve mentioned VSCO Cam – one of the best iPhone photography apps ever made, in my opinion – but I felt that the recent 2.0 update was worth another look.

They’ve completely overhauled the interface, adding new features such as separate focus and exposure rings while shooting, as well as a white balance “lock”. They’ve also added a ton of new presets, many of which are on par with Lightroom presets in terms of quality. Instagram filters can’t even compare.

Of course, it’s got all the usual photo-editing features you’d expect, like cropping, rotating, contrast, temperature, and exposure. I’ve hardly had to use any other photo editors since picking up this app. (Note: the photo used above is my own, edited with VSCO Cam and with a little help from Over for the text.)

The app itself is free, but if you hurry, you can head over to the in-app store and purchase their special Launch Bundle, a collection of all 16 preset packs (48 presets total). Normally this bundle is $16, but right now it’s a steal at only $6.