The “Vortex Dome” Desk Fidget Toy by PhysicsHack [Etsy]

Filed under “I Want This Yesterday”: David Fowler of the PhysicsHack YouTube channel handmakes a marvelous desk toy he calls the Vortex Dome. You simply spin the glass dome one way or the other and watch the rheoscopic fluid swirl fascinatingly inside. Be careful because it WILL hypnotize you.

All kidding aside, this is a handy thing to have around if you need something to focus your mind or sooth your nerves, at your desk or elsewhere. Fowler put together a video showing it in action:

I also like this video (you’ll recognize the guy in it from a recent guide of ours):

Each Vortex Dome is made to order in the UK and can be had for ~$58 USD on Etsy in your choice of blue, green, gold, orange, or purple.