Vornado 630 Room Fan

Warm weather is already approaching for some of us, which means it’s time to get our collective room-cooling game on. I have no useful advice for anyone’s HVAC systems, but I can at least recommend an awesome room fan. Check out the Vornado 630, which they dub a “mid-size whole-room air circulator.”

Despite being the size of a large-ish desk fan, the Vornado 630 moves a lot of air around a room, keeping the temperature cooler and more consistent throughout rather than leaving some zones warmer than others. It keeps things basic in terms of controls, offering only three speeds to choose from (which is just fine by me) with a turn of the knob on the side of its base. You’d be surprised how well it works though, even without an oscillating feature to speak of.

Ditch your old, lame room fan and get the Vornado 630 for $62 on Amazon. If you really feel like you need an oscillating version or you have a bigger room to keep cool, I suggest upgrading to the larger Vornado 660 ($99).