Vornado 630 Mid-Size Whole-Room Air Circulator Fan

It’s hotter than blazes where I am right now, and in my experience RV air conditioners always struggle to keep up in these kinds of conditions, so keeping cool even indoors is high on my list of concerns at the moment.

I’ve found that one of the keys is having a high amount of airflow in addition to what the A/C puts out, and for that, the Vornado 630 three-speed fan is a champ. It has deep-pitch fan blades that move a lot of air up to 70 feet away, and it does so in a vortex pattern that eventually circulates the air throughout an entire medium-sized room rather than only cooling what’s directly in front of it.


When the sun goes down, you almost don’t need an A/C running at all with this thing active. Aim it towards yourself even at low speed while you sleep and you’ll see what I’m talking about. And when winter rolls around, you’ll still find it useful to have around because it can disperse heater warmth more evenly throughout your space.

Get the Vornado 630 for $70 on Amazon and enjoy your newfound temperature comfort. They also have the Vornado 133 for desk/nightstand usage, the Vornado 460 for small rooms, and the Vornado 660 for larger rooms.