ViewHD Premium HDMI to HDMI and Audio Extractor

We’re really excited about the new Apple TV here at Tools & Toys. While the hardware is full of great upgrades, the new model does lose a port that the current model has: optical output. The reason you might need this is if you run your HDMI cable straight to your TV, but run your digital audio to a 5.1/7.1 receiver.

The reason Apple did this is because most receivers sold today do HDMI switching, so one cord can carry your audio and video. If you want the new Apple TV, but also want to be able to use it like you did old Apple TV, you’ll have to split the signal. You’ll need to purchase the ViewHD Premium HDMI to HDMI + Audio (SPDIF + RAC L/R) Audio Extractor. It will sit between your Apple TV and your TV/receiver. It will take the HDMI output from your Apple TV, but then split it off to HDMI (for TV) and optical (for receiver).

Get it on Amazon for $36.95.