Victorinox 2020 Limited-Edition “Alox” Swiss Army Knives

2020 has been….something else as far as years go. But the folks at Victorinox couldn’t have known what was in store when they designed their sixth set of limited-edition “Alox” Swiss Army Knives months ago. In any case, this is certainly an appealing set of pocket knives, with a cool aqua blue coloring that would look great alongside last year’s champagne-colored edition.

Like the previous edition, there are three knife variants to choose from, all of which feature that signature grippy Alox texture with its corrosive-resistant anodized oxide coating:

  1. Classic: At a length of just 58mm, the Classic Alox features a blade, a nail file, a screwdriver, scissors, and a key ring. An ideal EDC companion. ($40)
  2. Cadet: This 84mm model is the “gentleman” of the group, featuring a nail file + nail cleaner, a large blade, a bottle opener and can opener, and other useful tools. ($50)
  3. Pioneer: An exceptionally reliable 93mm tool that includes a blade, a reamer, a punch, a can opener (with small screwdriver), a bottle opener (with a screwdriver and wire stripper), and a key ring. (unavailable on Amazon as of June 10th, 2020; for now, get it for $55 on the Swiss Army site)