Velo Coffee

My hometown of Chattanooga, TN is generally known for two things:

  1. Extremely fast internet
  2. A Volkswagen plant

One of the best kept secrets of Chattanooga, TN is Velo Coffee. Back when it was first launching in 2010, Andrew Gage sold his car in order to get started. When his wholesale business in Chattanooga started growing, he made deliveries on a bicycle. Fast forward to 2015, Velo Coffee is continuing to grow. With a focus on customer education, Velo is wanting to provide world class coffee whether you are at home or in their cafe.

On the heels of a successful Kickstarter campaign to purchase a 15 kilo cast-iron Joper, now would be a great time to try them out. With a focus on sustainability and customer education, Velo Coffee shouldn’t be missed.

You can buy Velo Coffee on their website.