Vekkia Retractable LED Neck Reading Light

It’s a pretty common thing in relationships where one person goes to sleep early while the other stays awake to read a book or do some quiet knitting/crocheting. After all, what is the likelihood of having a partner with the exact same circadian rhythm as you?

In some of those cases, the awake person can get away with having a table lamp on, but if the sleeper doesn’t handle that much light too well, then a wearable neck light could be the hands-free answer.

This particular model has a few different adjustment options to suit any user’s needs:

  1. The twin LED heads can both be extended or retracted to narrow or widen their light beams as needed.
  2. You can switch the light color from cool white (6000K) to warm amber (1800K).
  3. There are five brightness settings you can toggle between with the press of a button.

The neck light is powered by a 1,000mAh battery that is rechargeable via USB-C, and it can last anywhere between 6 to 80 hours between charges depending on the lighting mode(s) you use.

Get it for $16 on Amazon.