‘Vainglory’ 2.4 Released

On the topic of mobile gaming, Vainglory — the best MOBA game on the App Store and one of our favorite multiplayer games for iOS — recently updated to version 2.4.

With this version comes a ton of new stuff, but mainly these:

  • New hero — The latest hero is Baptiste (bah-TEEST), a voodoo witch doctor character who deals in bad mojo and armies of shade. So far, he’s been super fun to play. With Baptiste, the Vainglory hero roster now comes to 32.
  • New skins — “Elite Force” SAW, “Red Lantern” Flicker (it makes him a red panda!), “Champion’s Fate” Blackfeather, and a special edition version of “Night Shadow” Taka.

There are also some nice “quality of life” gameplay improvements, such as starting matches with more gold and two potions by default, along with several sensible hero balances.

As usual, Vainglory is free to download and play from the iOS App Store.